Renovations ‘should preserve a property’s character’

Whether or not a home is located in a conservation area should make little difference to the way in which property renovations are carried out, it has been claimed.

To this end, there should be more consideration given to a property’s character before any home improvements are made, says Melanie Griffiths, assistant editor of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine.

Her comments follow research from English Heritage which shows that there are number of ongoing threats to the country’s conservation areas.

The appearance of some 83 per cent of conservation areas are threatened by plastic windows and doors, English Heritage found, while neglect of green spaces also has an adverse effect.

Ms. Griffiths said: “There does need to be more awareness with regard to preserving the property’s character, as too many alterations have been thoughtlessly made.”

She added that the overall appearance of a property should be given attention by all homeowners when carrying out any work.

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