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Retro kitchens ‘a place to get together’

Many people using builders in Manchester and other parts of the UK could be doing so in a bid to spruce up their kitchens. According to interior designer Anita Kaushal, home owners are increasingly seeing this room in the house as a sociable area in which to get together. Retro themes are a popular decorating trend, she suggested, although a number of individuals are going for more of a mix and match approach with their units. “You can buy these diddy little sofas to put in kitchens now that just say ‘you’re welcome’,” Ms. Kaushal continued.

She stated that the room traditionally seen as a place for cooking is now more likely to be used as an area in which to gather than a living room.

Those keen to add a new sink to their kitchen may want to follow the advice of a New York Post article written by Barbara K, who recommended calling on a professional plumber for such a job.


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