Return on green investments ‘is viable’

One of the most topical issues in terms of home improvements at the moment is the arrival of a raft of green features that can be fitted to UK properties in order to improve energy efficiency.

Whether it is the addition of solar panels, cavity wall insulation or simply devices that will cut power consumption through household appliances, there are plenty of ways to make a dwelling greener. Gavin Dunn, of the Property and Energy Professionals Association, has spoken on the subject of eco-friendliness around the home and admitted the sector is advancing.

Indeed, speaking at the GreenBuildExpo in Manchester, he suggested the potential to go green is greater in residential properties than it is in commercial ones at the moment.

“With domestic, a lot of us can see how that will work well – the thought processes and systems are much further developed in domestic [than commercial], particularly when you take into account the substantial amounts of subsidy which were brought forward from other places. It really makes the cost payback useful and much more viable,” Mr Dunn explained.

He is not the first figure to back the eco-friendly movement in recent times, as prime minister David Cameron did likewise at the Clean Energy Ministerial held in central London last month.

A healthy return on investment might be one of the key factors that drives people towards splashing out on green home improvements, which can be carried out by a professional builder or tradesman.

In addition to being able to save money on gas and electricity bills as a result of the new technology, homeowners might find their properties become more attractive to prospective buyers when the time to sell up comes. After all, in the modern world, it is not hard to see how an abode that adheres to all the latest environmental regulations and features energy-saving tools will appeal.

As such, it might be worth Britons thinking ahead and planning some green home improvements immediately. With significant savings on offer, there is no time to waste.

Post your eco-enhancing job on and wait for local tradesmen to get in touch with their ideas and quotes on how to make your home better for its surroundings.

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