Revamp your home to improve your life, says expert

You may currently be unaware of the effect home improvements can have on you as a person. While it is fairly obvious that doing up a property will provide you with superior living conditions and more attractive surroundings, the impact on your health and happiness is more difficult to quantify.

But according to Dr David Lewis, a chartered psychologist, you should not underestimate just how good for you revamping an interior can be. For example, he advised that creating a “bright and cheerful” bedroom design will result in your mood following similar traits.

Similarly, those who live in drab and miserable surroundings are likely to find their personality and wellbeing heads in this direction. With this in mind, hiring a painter and decorator or other tradesman to do up your abode might be a shrewd move.

“The idea of the home being transformed is a very powerful, emotional thing for people in this country. Home is where the heart is and where you feel safe after a hard day at work. It’s where you can kick your shoes off and feel safe and secure,” Dr Lewis stated.

He went on to suggest that the main reason you will feel this way in your home is that you are familiar with all of its features, colours and designs. Therefore, if your environment provokes a positive feeling, your mood will benefit.

As such, an investment in a local tradesman – from a builder to a carpenter, depending on your needs and wishes – could be money well spent. If they are able to form a home in which you are happier, your whole life should be lifted.

Of course, you could also reap the benefits of home improvements through increasing the value of your dwelling – money that might be recouped when you choose to sell up.

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