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Roll-top baths – a feature not a fixture

We are inspired by House to Home’s Room Envy article Roll-top baths : the ultimate luxury – yes we are envious – who wouldn’t want a roll top bath?

We’re in total agreement, there is something decadent and luxurious about a free standing bath, it becomes a feature rather than a fixture. Bathrooms are the second most expensive room to renovate after kitchens, and a roll-top bathtub is likely to push the budget. It may not be the cheap option but this is when you need to think feature piece!

Room Envy are on top-form here. A copper roll-top bathtub is a classic statement piece of elegance, teamed with function – yes please, I will take that one!

But now to the logistics. Room Envy create an uncontrollable desire of ‘I want one too’, but then it comes down to practicalities – not as glamorous, but here’s what you need to know to turn your roll-top dream into a reality.

Roll-top baths are often deeper than a conventional bath, make sure your heating system is up to the job and that your floor can handle the extra weight – roll-tops can hold up to 250 litres. Like any bathroom design one of the first things that you need to consider is plumbing. As roll-tops often take centre stage like this one from Wickes, consider the feasibility of plumbing it in and yes, this will mean ripping up your floor! If you are thinking of installing a roll-top as a luxury feature, perhaps reconsider a place near a wall to minimise damage to the floor. However if you’re going for a total revamp, rip up those old tiles and go for the classic central feature roll-top.

There is a roll-top for everyone and if a traditional brass footed tub isn’t for you, this angular modern alternative from Victoria Plumb would be a stylish accessory in any contemporary bathroom.

What ever your bathroom desires, a roll-top wouldn’t look out of place, it is one of those timeless luxuries.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation project it’s probably best to hire one of our Rated People, bathrooms are one of those essentials that you don’t want to turning into a DIY disaster. If you fancy dabbling in some DIY why not try something a little less high risk and take Emmeline’s suggestion to build your own woodfired pizza oven, and save your bathroom job for the big boys.

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