Roll up, roll up, to the car boot sale

Humans are fantastic at acquiring things they don’t need. The bread maker in the kitchen corner, how many times have you used it? And what about all the picnic baskets, candle holders and old records? I bet you don’t really need them. What most of us need is a summer car boot sale. It makes sense, the weather is favourable, people have time off and it’s a great way of earning extra holiday cash.

Car boot or garage sales are also a great way of getting together with neighbours. Turn it into a street festival with food, drinks and plenty of items to sell on to bargain hunters. Apart from personal belongings you can also sell cookies, homemade jam and bread (although you might need a food and drinks permission for this).

What to think about:


As any store you know people are more likely to flock to a table if the display is neat and organised. Group after categories; kitchen equipment go on one side and toys on the other. Highlight the best bargains, so people are more likely to notice them. Do you need to get rid of clothes and accessories? If so,  bring a clothes rail. Also bring a table cloth or sheet and cover your trestle table. It’s all about looks.


We all want to make a profit from the things we sell, and since most belongings have an emotional value to us, it’s harder to let go of something for a quid. If that favourite Christmas ornament gets rejected don’t take it personally. This is strictly business and you want to get rid of your junk after all. Check eBay for good stock measure, or go to Oxfam and other vintage shops beforehand to do your price research.

The Early Bird

Make sure you set up your stall early. You want to compete with the rest of the bunch and sell as much paraphernalia as possible. Carry plenty of change, bring carrier bags and a camping chair if you need to sit down. Prepare a pack lunch in the morning, and you don’t have to worry about hunger attacks. Should business go slow towards the end of the day turn up the heat and introduce 2 for 1 offers, Everything Must Go and Buy One Get One Free slogans – that should attract more buyers.

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  1. Hi,

    The car boot sales is such a wow idea to get rid of the things that you dont need anymore or that haven’t even touched ever. Besides some extra earning, I feel get an enjoyable Sunday. Dont you?

    Anyways very nice tips have been shared to make your car boots sales campaign successful.

    1. We completely agree, car boot sales are perfect for getting rid of that unwanted junk that we all have lying around. And it’s a fun day out too!

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