Running a roofing business right

Steve Haywood has been in the roofing industry for 20 years and talks about vandalism, the recession and how he runs his business.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment we are working on various contracts including churches and domestic properties. There has been a great deal of metal theft from churches over the last 2 years and we are endeavouring to keep these beautiful buildings watertight.

Tell us a bit about the problem with vandalised churches in Birmingham?

Churches are being vandalised by metal thieves who have no morals and can raise large amounts of money by attacking these buildings; stealing lead, copper and in some cases metal memorial plaques and even church gates. Unscrupulous merchants are paying cash for this metal with no questions asked. The law needs to be changed to stop metal thieves getting cash for their stolen goods and all metal collectors need to be licensed. They are causing major damage to slate and brick work, which these churches cannot afford to repair. I have heard of a local church being attacked 5 times in a 12-month period. Something needs to be done.

How has the financial climate affected your business?

It has affected me in many ways and money seems to be tight everywhere. As a small business I am struggling to raise capital for major roofing contracts. Even increasing overdrafts over a short term period has not been possible, whereas 8 years ago I could do this with a brief phone call to my bank manager.

How did you use to find work?

Many years ago I had an advert in the local Birmingham Evening Mail but I am fortunate now that I don’t need to advertise. My work comes from repeat customers, word of mouth and regular opportunities from, where I’m a member.

How do you find work now?

The benefits for finding work online are the ease and quickness of locating customers who have a roofing problem. Through and I am able to tailor my specialist areas to the needs of the potential customers. Also I can increase or decrease my catchment area as necessary.

Once I have purchased a lead from the site I endeavour to contact the customer as soon as possible and introduce myself. On calling at their home to view the roofing problem I always put myself in the position of the customer and how I would like to be treated in my home and offer the best service I possibly can.

Steve Haywood is based in Birmingham and specialise in building and roofing services. If you want his help, look at his profile. If you’re not so lucky to be based closed to Birmingham, post your job on and we’ll put you in touch with 3 local tradesmen. 

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