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Salma Hayek becomes a landlady

With their jet-setting lifestyles, it’s not uncommon to hear of celebrities putting their homes on the market. Even though we haven’t a hope of putting in an offer, we all like indulging in the through-the-keyhole approach. This time it’s the Mexican actress, director and producer Salma Hayek’s turn to put her property in the spotlight but there’s no opportunity to buy here. She’s opted for a new approach in putting her LA home up for rent for around £6,000 a month. Could this be the start of a new celebrity home trend?

What do you imagine an A-list home to be? For me, it’s extravagant, with plenty of chandeliers, a hot tub and maybe a private cinema or walk-in dressing room. What’s so unique about Salma’s style is that her only luxury items include a swimming pool and one chandelier over the bath. And as far as an LA property goes, a swimming pool is nothing unusual.

Her Hollywood Hills home is modelled on a Californian ranch. It’s all set over one storey and the space is maximised by an open plan design and high beamed ceilings. When you’re making the most of space, it’s important to make the most of high ceilings wherever you can and the designers certainly haven’t missed a trick here! There are plenty of large windows and French doors dotted around to help them bring an airy and spacious feel to the 2,874 square feet.

While Californian in style, Salma’s Mexican roots come through in her choice of warm materials and finishes. Everywhere you look, you’ll find wood, from the bedroom flooring to the four-seater table across from her dining room. I like the orange sofa but if you ask me, it’s a shame that there isn’t more of an exciting colour scheme at play. The only variety comes with the darker and green wooden finishes in her kitchen and the green tiles in the bathroom.

My conclusion? It’s an ideal rental property for those with large wallets. The lack of attention to interior trends and plain white walls mean that it suits a broad range of tastes. The only downside is that you’re paying an awful lot for square feet without much personality. Think of Salma and her film roles and you think of power, wealth and art but her property doesn’t seem to reflect that. Where are the one-of-a-kind pieces that you’d expect from a family with close links to Christie’s, Gucci and Tom Ford?

When it comes down to it, a giant slice of the rental price has got to come down to the view in the Outpost Estates Area, bordering the Runyon Canyon. It’s undeniably beautiful but I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the property’s price tag.

Do you think it’s worth it?

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