Secondary glazing ‘can help homeowners save 85 per cent of heat’

There are a number of home improvements at the current time that are sure to interest Britons across the country. While adding beauty and functionality to a property will always be a priority for those undertaking work, it is worth considering the growing impact of the environment on such issues.

With energy prices rising steeply in recent years, it can pay to hire a local tradesman to carry out work that improves the eco-friendliness of a home and allows its occupants to use less gas and electricity, subsequently driving down their bills. In fact, some may now even consider this to be more important than splashing out on schemes to make their dwelling more comfortable or practical.

Ian Hall, head of sales at Granada Secondary Glazing, has spoken on the subject of green home improvements – and, in particular, the benefits of installing secondary glazing. This is a second pane of glass that sits in front of an existing window, providing extra protection against the elements.

Its primary benefit is its ability to retain more of the heat that is present within a home, meaning property owners do not have to constantly replace lost warmth. Indeed, Mr Hall suggested people will be able to reduce their heat loss levels by about 85 per cent as a direct result of investing in secondary glazing.

“The type of secondary glazing is entirely dependent on what the existing window in the property looks like. It depends on what the design is. There are millions and millions of sash windows – in Victorian properties and Edwardian properties – so you would try and mirror that with a secondary window behind it that did exactly the same thing,” the expert explained.

Of course, the actual amount of heat a person will save depends on several factors, such as the quality of their secondary window and the type of cavity that is in place. But Mr Hall suggested his firm has experienced its largest two years of growth in the last 24 months, indicating this is a home improvement that appeals to many Britons.

The only challenge remaining could be finding a local tradesman with the experience, knowledge and skills to carry out the implementation of secondary glazing effectively – something could help with.

Green home improvements are very much in vogue at the moment, with Mike Shufflebotham, sales manager at Green Building Store, one of the experts to have recently praised the idea of enhancing a property with the environment in mind. He picked out technologies such as low-flush toilets and timber doors and windows as items that can be used to improve the green nature of a property.

It perhaps does not matter what options Britons choose when it comes to doing up their home to increase its eco-friendliness. All that is important is that they do so, both to save themselves a stack of cash over the years to come and to ensure their dwelling is not a burden on the environment at a critical time.

Post your eco-enhancing job on and wait for local tradesmen to get in touch with their ideas and quotes on how to make your home better for its surroundings.

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