Save hundreds of pounds a year by going green at home

Going green in the home seems to be getting increasingly popular among many of you living in the UK – and the good news is there are so many incentives to do so. Of course, you might be a hugely environmentally-conscious person, in which case making changes to the way you live in order to do your bit towards saving the planet is likely to be an attractive option.

Sadly, not everybody is committed to looking after the environment and going out of their way to pay for improvements to their property that will help them to do so. But that is not to say those individuals do not have any reasons to think green when it comes to adapting and modernising their abode.

You may well wish to make eco changes simply to reduce the amount it costs to run and power your home. We are all only too aware of the price hikes that have been introduced by energy companies in recent times, making it increasingly difficult to pay for gas and electricity. Well, your chance to avoid this misery could present itself in the form of green home improvements, which can help to lower the amount of power you use – and subsequently pay for.

Many of the most common ways to do this are already relatively well known and can be implemented by a local tradesman. Nigel Berman, the founder of, recently gave his opinion on the market, naming insulation and draught-proofing as the two most popular energy efficiency methods currently available to you.

It seems tough to disagree with him. If you want to retain heat within your property, having the walls and loft insulated is surely a good move, as it will reduce the amount your building needs to generate. Similarly, hiring an expert to draught-proof the home is also a wise step.

“Things that are also popular are things that will improve the warmth and cosiness of your home. Things like radiator boosters, which make your rooms warm up faster are probably one of the most popular products, as well as radiator reflective foil which goes behind radiators and reflects the heat back into the room,” Mr Berman explained.

Here at, we find it hard to disagree with the expert’s view on green home improvements. It is worth adding that getting any enhancement work done by an expert builder, electrician or plumber is a good idea, as you will enjoy the very highest standard of work, certain guarantees and you may be able to rely on the benefits for a long time to come.

If you decide that retaining heat within your home should be your priority – and, let’s face it, why wouldn’t you when it should have such a positive effect on your monthly gas and electricity bills? – another good option to consider is double glazing. If your home has single-glazed windows at the moment, you should contact a glazier to give you a quote on replacing them with thicker panes that will keep your warmth inside.

While we appreciate not all of you are dedicated environmentalists, you should all be committed to the idea of saving money. Therefore, green home improvements are something that should interest people across the entire country. There are even schemes – such as the government’s Green Deal – to ensure the initial cost does not have to be too much of a burden for you if you are unable to pay outright.

Quite simply, there are no longer any excuses for running a home that leaks energy and costs far more than it should. If you don’t think you have the expertise to work out what needs to be done and having it carried out, call in a tradesman to take a look. He will be able to guide you, explain the options that are open and eventually complete the project, delivering significant savings to you for years to come. It sounds simple and that’s because, in this day and age, it finally seems to be just that.

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