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Save money daily with Rated People’s Member Benefits Premium

When you’re a self-employed tradesperson, the everyday expenses of running a small business can really add up. A Rated People membership offers more than just instant access to over 75,000 job leads monthly, expert help with your marketing and time-saving admin tools.

There are also discounts, product giveaways and other offers available on common business expenses too! Plus, our tradespeople can enter exclusive competitions and get over 250 elite discounts on both personal and business spending, through Rated People Member Benefits Premium.

Benefits of Member Benefits Premium

We’ve chosen a range of benefits to help you make your business more profitable. To start with, there’s money waiting to be saved at UK builders’ merchants, fuel pumps, and on your energy bills. You work at hard at your job, so make sure you save cash on both your business and lifestyle expenses.

There are offers available on:

  • Trade – building materials, tool insurance, business bills.
  • Business – business school classes, trade business apps and office supplies.
  • Technology – phone contracts, computer hardware and accessories.
  • Motoring – fuel cashback, car accessories and vehicle leasing.
  • Utilities – home energy, gadget insurance and laundry services.
  • Home – home energy, furniture and household bills.
  • Food & Drink – local food delivery, restaurant and supermarket discounts.
  • Health & Fitness – brand name clothing, fitness tech and gym memberships.
  • Days out – cinema, theme park and theatre tickets.
  • Beauty & Grooming – shave sets, cosmetics, haircare, glasses and fragrances.
  • Travel – insurance, flights and package holidays.
  • Fashion – designer and high street brands for adults and kids.
  • Gifts – gift vouchers, jewellery and instore/online shopping.

How does it work?

You must be a member of Rated People to use our Member Benefits Premium. If you’re not already a member, fill in our form and our friendly customer service team will call you for a chat.

Access 75,000 leads a month, build your reputation online and get over 200 discounts a year.
Enquire now

To claim a benefit, visit the Member Benefits Premium website. Simply click the ‘Claim’ button under the offer, and you’ll see some instructions on what to do next. Each benefit page also has the offer details, FAQs and terms and conditions that you should read.

There’s no limit on the amount of benefits that you can claim. Some can only be claimed once, but lots can be used as many times as you want to.

Previous giveaways and competitions

In the past, we’ve offered our tradespeople the chance to win:

  • An iPad
  • A personalised Premier League shirt
  • 1 of 15 £25 fuel cards

How to join Rated People Member Benefits Premium

Nota member of Rated People and want to get access to Rated People Member Benefits Premium, as well as the 75,000 jobs posted on our platform every month? Get in touch today!

Access 75,000 leads a month, build your reputation online and get over 200 discounts a year.
Enquire now

Already a Rated People annual member? You can access all the discounts and competitions you need by logging into Member Benefits Premium now.

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