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Seaside theme could be popular with home owners

Decorators in Bristol may be used to help home owners create a seaside theme in their dwellings.

Rosie Brown, a designer and stylist, told the Daily Telegraph individuals who opt for this look will find it very calming.

“White paint is a good option, or duck-egg blue, paired with painted white floorboards,” she added.

Ms. Brown observed people do not have to live by the sea in order to bring the feel of it into their abodes.

Oak furniture can have a “brilliant weathered quality” to it, which will go well with the rest of the style.

While individuals have tradesmen working on a room, they should get them to hang paintings and prints that follow the nautical look.

Karen Haller, who is accredited in Applied Colour Psychology, noted the hues used in a house are an expression of the personality of the owners and so people should try to pick something that reflects them.

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