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Winter usually arrives in the UK with a bang, which can often be down to high winds and the tiles being thrown off your roof and into the street below. The evidence can sometimes be clearly seen the day after a storm, as pieces of slate, roofing felt or tiles litter the pavement.

In most cases you will only lose a tile or two, but this can be both costly and frustrating to remedy if you are trying to find an available roofer after a gale. After all, even the most benevolent of roofers can’t help but break into a bit of a smile when they see high numbers and arrows all over the weather charts on the evening’s weather forecast. Those clouds blowing at a pace across the sky do indeed have a silver lining for some. But if you prepare then you will not be paying a premium for emergency repairs.


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Maintenance and an autumnal weatherproofing is the best way to go when it comes to roofing. If you can, then get your roof checked over every couple of years. You can even tie this in with getting someone in to clean out your gutters once the leaves have fallen, which can help to nip damp problems in the bud.

The main thing that a roofer or builder will be looking for when giving your roof the once-over are cracked, damaged or dislodged tiles. This can be a result of age and wear and tear, but the damage may also be the result of previous gales. Tiles that have shifted or broken should be visible, but your tradesman will inspect the whole roof and tug at any tiles or slates that look loose, before securing them once again.

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The procedure for replacing tiles is fairly simple and should not take long once the roofer is up there. They will remove the damage or broken pieces of slate or tile and then replace it. If the roof is a slate one then they may put some new lead beneath the joint that this covers, before pushing the new slate into place and using the lead to secure it.

If you have a tiled roof then your roofer will unhook any broken tiles or parts of tiles from the battens on your roof and then replace these with new tiles. The tiles and slates should soon age and match the older ones on your roof. Both tiles and slates come in fairly standard sizes and designs, so a good roofer should have matching tiles on hand when they come to do the job, or at least be able to access some the same day.

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Tiles usually come in designs known as plain, pan or Roman. Slate is always flat, although you will have a choice between natural slate and synthetic. Wooden shingle roof repairs are carried out in much the same way as replacing roof tiles, although these may have to be made or purchased to match the shingles that you have.

While making repairs on the roof, a good tradesman will check the valleys that allow water to flow down to your gutters and look over the felt and flashing to ensure that this is all intact.

Always use an experienced roofer when having work done on your roof, as damage done by an inexperienced tradesman can be expensive to repair. You should also never hire someone who knocks on your door and claims to be a passing roofer who has found tiles from your roof on the pavement. This is usually a scam used to make you think that there is damage to your roof.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that the tiled roof should still be matched if some parts of it need to be replaced, and a good roofer will be able to do that. I will share this with a friend of mine because she told me that her tiled roof has parts that are broken already, so she needs to hire someone to replace those pieces. This will remind her to only hire someone who has a reputation for keeping the roof look the same as the old tiles. From what I know, their roof got damaged due to the overgrown branches of their trees.

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