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Security ‘is a shrewd investment in the home’

British homeowners have been advised that one of the best items they can invest in for their property is new and hi-tech security.

John Portwood, personal lines insurance broker at Portwood & Co, said there are many things people can do to make it more difficult to become the victim of a break-in. For example, he recommended investing in the best locks or a new alarm that boasts central monitoring technology.

“They could move to a different location – review crime statistics and flood areas before making a choice – or downsize to a house costing less to rebuild,” Mr Portwood claimed. He added that there is a greater chance of not only beating burglars but also of enjoying lower home insurance premiums when top security solutions are in place.

Sam Tamlyn, head of operations at, recently suggested that 2012 is likely to be a year of many home improvements, so why not make security a priority in this area?

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