Separate bedrooms a popular option for many British couples

Despite being involved in a marriage or loving relationship, one in ten British couples sleep in different bedrooms every night of the week. Such a statistic might emphasise how millions of households across the country are in need of redevelopment or an extension.

New research by esure has shown ten per cent of couples feel they are better off apart when night falls. The study came after it was revealed Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter actually sleep in adjoining houses due to the former’s loud snoring.

While the majority of Britons will not have the cash required to go to such extreme lengths, many may find that by building another bedroom or redesigning an existing space they create the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep.

As well as showing a desire to sleep apart, many people in the UK have access to a separate bathroom from their partner. This is said to be the case in seven per cent of relationships.

While it might seem a little strange to sleep in a different room to a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, 39 per cent of Britons feel their relationship is healthier because of the extra independence they enjoy. In fact, five per cent even state their sleeping arrangements are a major reason for their ongoing happiness.

People who want to give this trend a chance could call in a professional builder to construct an extension that features a new bedroom immediately. Alternatively, hiring a decorator will give them the chance to change the look of a space and turn it into an extra sleeping area.

Of course, home improvements do not have to be all about bedrooms. Debra Kacher of dk interiors recently said many people are currently spending their time and money on bathrooms, which can also give homes a boost.

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