Should you buy or build your next home?

Many people dream about building their own home and around 12,000 people do just that every year. You might be put off by the hassle of ‘getting the builders in’ or not knowing exactly how your new home will turn out, but there are some serious cost savings to be had. Is the prospect of a self-build starting to sound a bit more alluring?

The average house price in the UK is around £240,000, yet you could build a 3-4 bed house for as little as £150,000 – cheaper than the average first time buyer’s home (£182,000). Once your property is complete you can also claim back the VAT from the cost of the materials. Kerching!

Not only do self-builds provide good value for money, they come in all shapes and sizes. You can opt to employ an architect to design a customised house, to accommodate your every whim – an option for those with deep pockets. For those more frugal aspiring homeowners, self-builds come in off-the-shelf models, too. Yes, you can purchase the 3-bedroom house equivalent of an IKEA flat pack wardrobe. We wouldn’t recommend you attempt DIY on this scale, however.

If you still need to be convinced about attempting a self-build, check out the infographic (below) from Go Compare to get all the nitty-gritty details you’ll need to get your self-build project off the ground.


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  1. Point 5 is so inaccurate, you WILL need an architect, however your Kit home does not have to be without features, please re-write this accurately as I feel that this adds to the misconception that a kit house is just something you pick out of a brochure, a kit house can be anything you wish it to be with or with-out Architectural features.

    Yes It can be cheaper, yes it will be quicker to erect and yes it will have much better thermal performance that traditional construction.

    1. Hi Clare – This infographic was put together by Go Compare. I think they mean that for the most basic version, you won’t need to hire an architect to design the house from the ground up, like if you were builidng a custom house – saving time and money.

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