Show off your qualifications

We want homeowners to know that when they’re using, they’ll find quality, local tradesmen. That’s why we’re now asking for Gas Safe and Part P registration details.

Gas engineers and heating engineers- in fact anyone who’s doing work on a gas appliance – should be Gas Safe registered. Being Gas Safe registered means that a tradesman is competent and approved to work safely and legally with gas. Since a faulty boiler can lead to explosions, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s important to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

If someone isn’t Gas Safe registered, they won’t be able to buy gas jobs on We check that they have certificates when they register and make sure their details are up to date. Since homeowners can see tradesmen’s certification, they’re more likely to win more jobs if they display this information.

Part P only affects those tradesmen doing electrical work in England and Wales and is a building regulation scheme to allow electricians to certify their own work. In short, it’s a measurement for electrical safety, and means that if a homeowner hires a tradesman who is Part P competent, they don’t have to go to the Local Authority Building Control for an inspection of their electrical installation. It’s a real time and money saver!

If you as a tradesman have a Part P document, flaunt it! Although it’s not a requirement to undertake electrical work, it does show that you’re a quality, local tradesman.

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