How to show your home in its best light

The secret to fixing your lighting is to make sure that you’ve got a good combination of the four different types – ambient, task, accent and natural. Most people tend to focus on the traditional central ceiling light but you’ll need more than this ambient type if you’re going to show a property in its best light.

On their own, chandeliers and other ceiling pendant lights can have a dull effect but they’re essential light sources, particularly at night when you’ll rely on them for radiance. They’re also perfect for hallways, where there can be limited space for table lamps and other light sources.


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In areas where you have more space, invest in accent and task lighting. You’re looking to focus light on specific areas to either just highlight for visual appeal or to highlight to help you perform a task, so your lighting might be a desk in an office or around a house plant to give it a glow in the evenings.

Table lamps and under-cabinet lighting above kitchen surfaces are ideal for both lighting types. They’ll allow you to work and cook adequately, while balancing out the light levels in the room – and making it look good! If you wanted to light a plant and the plant doesn’t mind sunlight, place an uplighter behind it. If you’re more of a book reader than a gardener, you might benefit more from spotlights underneath shelving or attaching linear strip lights.


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No matter how good your ambient, accent and task lighting is, you need as much natural light as possible, for your own health benefit and so that you’re not racking up a high electricity bill by running artificial light when it’s light outside.

Skylights are fantastic ways of opening up your home to light but be careful on their positioning, as they can create harsh pools of light in southern facing rooms. If a skylight’s not for you, there are lots of little tricks that can help you make the most of what you’ve got. For example, you’ll flood the room if you place a mirror across from a window, as the light will bounce back into the room after hitting the mirror.

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If you need help with lighting, whether that’s building a skylight or fixing your electrics, post your job and up to three builders or electricians will get in touch. Have a look at their profiles before selecting the tradesman that you’re confident working with.

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  1. People tend to forget that while considering the lighting, Natural lighting is very important. You cant just have some led’s in your house and expect your room to look the best. natural light is the key to make a space look good and add on lights can be used. However in the day time natural light must be able to provide 60% OF the light in the room for it to look good.

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