Solar panels ‘offer homeowners good return on investment’

As a responsible homeowner, you are sure to be interested in the possibility of anything that can help you reduce your footprint and enjoy all the benefits associated with running a more eco-friendly property. Whether you want to simply cut down on the amount of power you consume by switching off appliances and cutting back on energy-sapping devices, or would prefer to go further by installing the latest green equipment and features, there is plenty you can do to contribute to a healthier environment.

Will Broadfoot, residential customer liaison for Joju Solar, has picked out solar panels as a technology that have a significant and lasting impact on a home’s eco credentials. He said there is “definitely” a strong demand for the solution, with a huge number of people around the UK known to be interested in adding them to their properties. “Very simply, if you’ve got a roof anywhere from east to west facing in a southerly direction, with a pitch between 30 and ten degrees, you’ve got a good potential of producing enough power for at least half of what your house needs,” he stated.

The expert admitted his company experienced a drop in interest in solar panels in April after the reduction of the feed-in tariff for solar photovoltaic panels from March 31st, but this initial slump has now been overcome and people are once again extremely interested in adding the technology. After all, even considering the financial outlay at the start of the project, solar panels can pay for themselves in time. You will be sure to experience a reduction in energy bills, as you instead use power generated by the panels rather than that pumped into your home from unsustainable sources.

Mr Broadfoot went on to claim that the return on investment is actually creeping upwards and is now slightly better than it was at this time last year. He even suggested it is possible to “clear your electricity bill” by investing in solar panels as your next home improvement. “The solar resource in the UK is very strong and the backing from the government is still very strong. It’s a very good scheme they’ve put together and you can still get a very good return on your investment,” he explained.

If you live in London, it is possible to hire a builder or other local tradesman to fit the panels and they should trigger an average return on investment of about eight to ten per cent. However, if you reside outside the capital, it seems your gains could be even greater, as Mr Broadfoot predicted returns of as much as 15 per cent in areas where people tend to have larger roofs. As time goes by, you might start to think nothing of splashing the cash on investments such as this. If it ensures you are doing your bit for the environment and you have the potential to save a shed load of cash to boot, it might be foolish to say no to solar panels any longer.

Post your eco-enhancing job on and wait for local tradesmen to get in touch with their ideas and quotes on how to make your home better for its surroundings.

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