Solar panels prove popular with UK homeowners

The environment is understandably a huge concern for many of us these days. Barely a week goes by when we do not hear more about global warming, rising energy prices and increasing carbon footprints.

With this in mind, anything you can do to improve the eco-friendliness of your property is likely to be of great interest. In fact, it can pay to go out of your way to find solutions that will improve your energy efficiency and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels – and the best news of all is that there are plenty of tremendous options on the market for you to get your teeth stuck into.

You might want to look at the possibility of implementing ground source heat pumps or containers to collect rainwater. Alternatively, a hugely popular option among many Britons is to invest in insulation that can be laid throughout the walls of a home, ensuring it retains more of its heat and does not have to produce as much to remain warm and snug.

As well as doing your bit for the environment, becoming more energy efficient means you can save money on your fuel bills. With the price of gas and electricity rising at a dramatic rate, doing all you can to cut consumption – and subsequently invoices – is a shrewd move.

That perhaps explains the rise of another eco-friendly solution – solar panels. A spokesman for the Solar Trade Association has recently lavished praise on the technology and it is really not too difficult to see why.

He said solar panels are now proving to be immensely popular among both residential and business property users seeking to improve their efficiency levels. Of course, the government’s Feed-in Tariff makes the solution even more tempting.

“There are several other factors explaining photovoltaic’s popularity: it is easy to install, it is relatively low cost, it is visible without being intrusive and it insulates bill payers against fossil fuels price spikes,” the spokesman explained.

“It also helps displace fossil fuelled energy generation, combating climate change and boosting our nation’s energy security. In a very literal sense it gives power to the people.”

In order to take advantage of the trend, you should look into having solar panels fitted immediately, perhaps by a builder or electrician. While there will be a relatively small initial outlay, the savings you make on your energy bills should ensure the technology pays for itself in a reasonably short period of time.

While you are at it, it makes sense to explore any other green home improvements that are on offer. These could include having new flooring laid that is specially designed to retain heat, while it is almost certainly worth entrusting a builder with the task of replacing your windows and doors for the same purpose.

There is no excuse for being laid back when it comes to the environment these days. With so many bodies, governments and associations keen to stress the importance of going green, homeowners who do not follow the trend could find they stick out badly.

In this country, it is the government’s stance that has created an opportunity for rapid development in this area. That is the view of UK country manager for Panasonic Marc Diaz, who recently said significant advances in technology can be made as a result of Westminster’s “proactive” approach to green living.

For now, solar panels are likely to be one of your best bets, as they will allow you to produce your own power using only the sun. This can then be transferred to your home to fuel your heating, cooking and lighting appliances. And the really good news is that if you create too much energy, it is possible to sell some back to the National Grid.

We believe there are no longer any reasons to hold back when it comes to eco-friendly home improvements, so whether you choose solar panels, heat pumps or insulation, you should act positively and decisively to ensure your home is one that is fit for the 21st century and beyond.

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