Spend a penny to save a pound on home maintenance

While many of us understandably value every pound to our name incredibly highly, particularly in these times of financial difficulty, you still need to invest in your home if you are to avoid it turning into a crumbling wreck over the years.

You might not be delighted by the prospect of paying a local tradesman to carry out some vital work on your property, but it is worth remembering he is almost certainly saving you money in the long run. Whether it is by fixing your plumbing before it becomes unusable or sorting out the electrics so that they do not become unsafe, you can avoid disaster by spending a penny to save a pound.

Of course, the most obvious question might be which area to focus on in order to make the most of your investment. Well, one hot topic at the moment certainly seems to be the environment, so splashing out on green home improvements could well be the most profitable move over time. You could have solar panels fitted or insulation added to your walls or attic in the hope of reducing the amount of heat your home consumes.

Alternatively, you could invest in the appearance of your abode. Rather than waiting for rooms to become horribly outdated and tired, why not hire a painter and decorator to breathe new life into their design immediately? You never know, this might even increase the value of the property too.

Should you choose to make home improvements, you even have the experts on your side. Mike Campbell, proprietor of Belvoir Falkirk, recently said that “simple preventative maintenance can prevent greater costs down the line”.

It seems to be in no doubt that making the right investments, improvements and repairs at the perfect time is the way to go when it comes to looking after a property. Another option is to consider the exterior of your home, as making sure this looks neat, tidy and presentable can have the effect of putting off would-be burglars. Criminals are known to sometimes target dwellings that appear to be uncared for, as there is a greater likelihood of security being lax.

So, in short, there are plenty of benefits to doing up your home at every available opportunity. This is without mentioning the fact that the value of your property should increase every time you have work carried out, so in theory it is likely to be easier to sell when the time comes to move on.

Not everybody is awash with cash right now, but the good news is you do not need to be to live in a comfortable and stylish home. You can make alterations and enhancements – however minor they may be – over many months or years and split the cost.

By taking a few pounds from your wage packet and putting it in a home improvement fund, you could soon be enjoying the work of the country’s finest builders, electricians and decorators, as well as a super-impressive home.

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