Britons ‘are spending more on their gardens’

With spring soon to turn to summer, many people will be thinking of ways to improve their gardens in order to get the most out of them during the warmest months of the year. Whether you want to install somewhere to sit, an eye-catching central feature or simply a host of new plants, now is certainly the time to do it.

It seems that the seasonal trend for gardening at this time of the year is being matched by an overall hike in interest in the option. The annual HSBC Gardens Survey has been released ahead of the Chelsea Flower Show and it reveals that Britons as a whole are spending more and more on their outside areas.

It concluded that people in the UK will spend an average of £83 on their gardens this year, which is up by ten per cent on last year’s figures. This includes landscaping work, which is believed to increase the value of a property overall. With this in mind, you might be wise to call in a professional gardener to carry out some much-needed home improvements outside your abode.

Your expenditure on gardening could be impacted heavily by where you live. For instance, Londoners are likely to spend just £20 each – the result of many living either without a garden altogether or having just a small area. But in the north-west and the south-west, that figure is £148, indicating those of you residing in these areas are ready to splash the cash if it means a smart outdoors.

Peter Dockar, head of mortgages at HSBC, explained: “The survey reveals that spend on non-essential items has gone down in favour of general improvements, including landscape projects. Improving the general outlook of the garden can not only boost quality of life but also help to increase property value.”

In total, the UK will spend about £3.9 billion on gardens in 2012 and, as Mr Dockar alluded to, some items are not as popular. Products such as barbecues and water features are attracting less cash than before, as many of you turn to the physical lie of your land rather than what sits on it.

Once your garden has been revamped and you are ready to have new species planted in your ground, it might be worth considering the recent words of Richard Alleyne. He used a piece for the Telegraph to detail the growing trend for traditional English gardens at the moment, which means the inclusion of one of the most patriotic flowers of all – the English rose.

But picking out exact types of plants at this stage might be jumping the gun a little. For now, it could be wise simply to come up with a plan of exactly how you can improve your green space and find a gardener who can help you do so. If you fail to do it now, you will miss out on another year of being able to entertain, socialise and dine under nothing but beautiful blue skies and the warm summer sun.

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