Our first community sponsorship – Berkhamsted Sports Centre Swimming Club

This month we’re proud to announce that we’re rolling out our very first sponsorship. Our service as you know, is for quality, local tradesmen and now we also support local communities and projects. Berkhamsted Sports Centre Swimming Club in Hertfordshire is the first community club to receive sponsorship from us, which will be rolled out nationally throughout the year.

The donation was given to provide existing and new members the opportunity to enjoy, practice and compete. We visited the club at one of their swimming galas to find out what they’d like to put the sponsorship towards.

BSCSC has around 100 members who swim at local, county and regional level, the warm and friendly atmosphere makes the club feel like one big family. The sponsorship will go towards new equipment to improve the training that the swimmers receive, however, if the kids had their way they’d prefer to spend the money on water slides and diving boards!

We spoke to the Chief Coach, Coach Geoff, who told us that “the kids are really excited to be the first team to be offered sponsorship. It will allow the club to grow and offer swimming to those who previously wouldn’t have had access to the club.” The kids on the other hand were really excited because they love the idea of being sponsored, in the light of the Olympics being sponsored makes them feel like professionals, team spirit and all that!

We’re proud to support this local club and with the Olympics coming up, we’re hoping that the kids will feel inspired to perform even better and have a good time while doing it!

BSCSC is the first club to be sponsored and now we’re looking to roll out sponsorship nationally. If you know of a club who would benefit from our support get in touch.

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