Spring cleaning – when to hire a pro

It may still seem cold out, but the signs of bulbs starting to grow and plants pushing their way up through the soil show that spring is very much on its way. Soon the light will be breaking through the murk, shining through your windows and showing up the dust, debris and bits of your favourite blanket that you have been hibernating under since November.

Spring cleaning is obviously called for, but should you throw open the doors and windows and do it all yourself to welcome in the season, or is hiring a professional a good idea? It may make you feel lazy, but it may just get your home looking as clean as you have always wanted it to be. We won’t tell if you don’t.

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The first major drag with spring cleaning for most of us is having to get down to the supermarket or local hardware outlet to get the brushes, mops and cleaning materials we need for the job. In many cases they will then sit there looking at you accusingly for the rest of the year. Hiring a professional means that they will come with the right gear to do a good job, as well as all the brushes and formulas to reach those hard-to-reach corners and rid your kitchen worktops of those mystery stains. Some professionals may ask for some materials to be provided if you hire them on an ongoing basis, but businesses that offer one-off clean ups will always have their own equipment.

With that in mind, you should think about whether you just want a cleaner for a one-off spring clean or whether you may like them to come once a week or once every fortnight. The best way to think about this is to consider the jobs that you think need doing immediately and the jobs that will need constant attention over the year. So, for example, you may have let the kitchen and the oven become something of a mess and it needs a thorough top-to-bottom clean, but it won’t need such attention all year round if maintained well.

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The most popular jobs to have a cleaner do on a regular basis are cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming and maintaining the kitchen floors and worktops. These are also the jobs you should look at if you are considering hiring a professional for a spring clean. Additionally, you should consider having the insides of your windows cleaned, any wooden floors polished and light fittings cleaned, along with the removal of cobwebs and dirt from hard-to-reach areas.

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A professional business will usually have a standard quote available for a day of cleaning. This is generally upwards of £100, with a couple of hours of cleaning coming in at £20 or so every week. Many people who have not hired a cleaner before do find it slightly awkward and we hear many reports of those who clean up before the cleaner arrives. But do rest assured that they will have seen far worse than what you consider to be your home at its most untidy.

A professional cleaner will tell you what will and won’t be cleaned and set out any ground rules if you develop an ongoing relationship. You can easily instruct them to stay out of your home office or the kids’ rooms if you wish and they, in return, may ask that you pick up any laundry off the floor and make sure bin liners are available for their use.

Most people who try out a professional cleaner never regret it, with most finding it hard to go back to doing it all themselves once they have had someone help out. Luckily a regular service usually proves inexpensive, especially when balanced against how little you like doing certain jobs yourself and the ways you could spend the time otherwise.

Iain Aitch

Iain is a London-based writer who works as a journalist for a number of newspapers and magazines. He has also written two books, one of which is a hilarious lexicon about Britishness – Iain is a Brit through and through!

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