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It’s another Friday afternoon, the weather is good and I bet most of you are ready to go home and light up the BBQ. If so, may we suggest checking our barbecue gadget special? This blog post is not about food and drinks however, it’s about books. And storage.

As the weather has been rather disappointing lately, I bet there are plenty of you out there that have ploughed through quite a lot of summer reads on the sofa (rather than in your hammock). Most of us have an awful lot of books, but not enough space to accommodate them. Therefore, we’ve compiled our favourite book storage solutions, starting from built-in bookshelves to library stairs. We say dust off the Dostoevsky’s and put those Prousts on display.

built-in bookshelves

The ultimate space saver must be these library stairs, as seen on Apartment Therapy. Levitate Architects are the geniuses behind the excellent storage solution, which can be found in a Victorian mansion block somewhere in London.

built-in bench bookshelf

Another comfortable option is this built-in bench bookshelf, designed by Stanislav Katz. “The Console” as it’s called, is a great space and money saver: who needs to invest in a sofa when you’ve got a 2 in 1 furniture piece?

bookshelf tree

This bookshelf tree is great if you’re looking to decorate the nursery with some colour, creativity and utility. Now Where’s Wally?

bookcase door

I can’t be the only one who wishes a secret bookcase door leading to an even more secret room. I would fill my room with candy. Or maybe have it for a more useful purpose… What would you have in your secret room?


I don’t know how many books you can fit on this shelf, but it sure looks nice and nifty. If you can combine plants and paperbacks, I say it’s a design winner. From J1Studio.

If you’re in need of storage help call in a local, quality tradesman from Post your job on the website for free (it could be building a secret room, it could be building a library staircase or customising a book shelf) and up to 3 rated tradesmen will get in touch with a quote. 

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