Students ‘do not take gas safety seriously’

There is a lack of understanding from students when it comes to gas safety.

This is according to Sarah Harris, senior communications adviser at National Grid, who noted typically youngsters are not concerned about this.

However, individuals need to be sure that everything is in working order and so electricians in Cambridge and other university towns could find there is a demand for their services.

“Students don’t know anything about gas safety. They are concerned about having a big bedroom, a double bed and being close to the pub,” Ms Harris observed.

Some 50 per cent are not aware whether or not their landlord has a gas safety certificate, while 80 per cent said they would not know who to call if a leak occurred.

If individuals are concerned, they should get in touch with a professional and have them check it out.

According to the National Grid, 54 per cent of students interviewed do not have a gas safety certificate.

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