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Summer’s hottest interior trends

Love the idea of giving your home a touch of seasonal style? Check out our pick of this summer’s best trends and find out how to get the look in a trice.

Giving your home a revamp needn’t be taxing but it can be a whole lot of fun. Choose from these stunning summer styles that are on trend, look great, and are beautifully easy to achieve (it’s summer and time to relax, after all).

The look: Oversized florals

This season’s hottest floral prints aren’t delicate English country garden patterns: we’re talking large scale blooms with a distinctly tropical flavour. If you want full-on drama, choose a palette of scorching colours, such as pinks and reds; if you’d like a more subtle approach, opt for a neutral version where the motif makes an impact but colour takes a back seat; or find inspiration in nature with shades of verdant green.

You could go for a statement floral wallpaper for a living space or bedroom, or try it for the hallway to turn a neglected entrance into a space with impact. Alternatively, choose a bold bloom fabric for curtains that’ll make a focal point of the window in a room without architectural features, or show off just one of these tropical blooms per cushion – a single flower is the perfect size.

Top tip: If a wallpaper or fabric is your fabulous floral starting point, select a colour from the design to repeat in other pieces around the room to bring the look together.

Image source: Scion

The look: Black and white

It’s true that a room scheme in black and white is classic – think chequerboard floor tiles and you’ll know what we mean. However, this summer black and white is having a high fashion moment. It works in every room from practical areas such as bathrooms and kitchens to dining rooms, living spaces and even bedrooms.

Bear in mind that if your room is small or north-facing, you’ll need to keep the balance firmly in favour of white to avoid making the area gloomy. Good light and a big space? Plenty of black will look dramatic. If you can’t resist an accent shade, try a punch of sharp lime, citrus orange, or for a touch of luxury go for accessories in buttery gold, or sparkling silver.

Top tip: Try hanging a group of mirrors to reflect light around the room to keep your black and white room bright.

Image source: Isme

The look: Neon brights

Want to be a bit more daring with your decorating come the summer? Have some fun with a selection of neon brights. They’ll conjure up a holiday mood wherever you use them, and putting them together is not the colour challenge you might think. Mix hot shades of pink, red and orange with equally punchy blues and greens for a riot of colour that works. Add in plenty of fresh white, too, to give the eye a rest.

It’s easy to get the look without going to the trouble of decorating. In the bedroom, swap your bed linens for a livelier palette or re-dress the sofa with brilliant cushions and throws for a speedy living room makeover. If you’re hesitant to use such vivid colours in your interiors, take the look outside and liven up alfresco dining with tableware and glasses in shout-out shades.

Top tip: Both geometric and floral patterns look great in these neon colours – and you can combine them, too.

3_Debenhams_5871706864202 resized

Image source: Debenhams

The look: Curious creatures

Birds, butterflies and insects bring a quirky twist to interiors this season in a look that has a distinctly Victorian flavour. Don’t worry, though, we’re not going anywhere near the stuffed animals under glass beloved by our forebears. Instead, introduce the trend through pretty artwork, patterned cushions, tableware and decorative accessories.

Make sure you don’t come over all Victorian in your approach by filling your rooms with knick-knacks. Instead, go for a small selection of pieces and team with roughly plastered walls – you can get the look with wallpaper – and furniture that mixes wood and metal. Prefer a scheme that’s less industrial looking? These curiosities work equally well with botanical greens and creams for a softer feel.

Top tip: Wooden lamp bases, shelving and storage all suit this look to a tee.

Image source: Very

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