Sustainability to drive construction sector

Builders in Brighton and other locations around the UK may be interested in the words of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, in the wake of the creation of the new Green Construction Board.

The government body has revealed that the aim of the board will be to grasp the opportunities that present themselves as a result of an increased focus on sustainability. Business minister Mark Prisk and chief executive of Lend Lease, for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Dan Labbad will co-chair the newly-formed organisation.

“There are approximately 25 million existing homes to be retrofitted by the end of 2050. This is a huge business opportunity that small construction firms should grasp,” stated Mr. Prisk. His words may be popular with builders around the UK, many of whom could be awarded work in these areas.

Gordon Miller, co-founder and sustainability and communications director at Sustain Worldwide, recently said that the Green Deal will also be good news, as homeowners are given an incentive to upgrade their properties.

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