Sweet Valentine’s Competition: The result!

After two weeks of enjoying watching your entries come in, the winner of our Sweet Valentine’s competition has finally been announced!!

winner (1)

Yes, Rick Fisher’s proud display of shelving beat the rest and we have to admit it was a very close call this time around!

I’m sure you’ll agree that Rick’s entry just had that extra something.

Why did we love it here in the office? Well because this “item” of furniture had a lot of thought go into its construction. As Rick’s description informed us, he had the shelving display made for him – whether that was by a tradesman or a friend, we’re not sure! But either way, time and effort had been invested in its personal creation.

Not only that, the item appears to fit well within the home. As we’ve said in our recent geometrics post, geometry is key to interior design and this item makes a big impact in the room in which it sits.

It also cheers us up!

Who would have thought that mixing coral with white, deep blue and grey could have such a cheerful effect? I can’t say blue and coral is normally my favourite colour combo but here it just works.

And perhaps the most important reason of all? Rick’s entry was the most popular shortlisted image with our Facebook community –  the ultimate seal of approval.

Congratulations again Rick and a big thank you for all of your entries!

Let’s remind ourselves of his prize:

Judging by the number of pet entries that we received, maybe we should be thinking about a pet competition for your furry friends sometime in the near future…?



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One Comment

  1. Personally, after its initial appeal it looks messy.
    The doors would have to be white and black to look less messy,
    Lena Pagonis
    Design consultant

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