Symmetry ‘is key to great interior design’

We all love to relax in a living room that is stylish, comfortable and warm, but unfortunately we are not all qualified and able to create such a space off the cuff. Therefore, it can often be worth turning to skilled painters and decorators to complete a room and ensure it is left in an eye-catching state.

Interior designer Helen Green, author of the blog on, has spoken of what needs to be done to form a living space that ticks all of the right boxes. Her first tip is to focus on symmetry, which is described as the key to all great design.

Homeowners are advised to consider three types of symmetry and find out how they can work for them. These are symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance and radial symmetry. A number of features within a space can have an impact on the symmetry of a room, from wall decor to lighting and various focal points. The latter is a great idea and should always be included in any part of the home. A room without a focal point could be lacking direction and concentration.

Ms Green explained: “The focal points should draw the viewer’s attention and, thus, encourage them to look further into the room. For example, a vintage fireplace or a hi-tech television can be the focal point in your living room.” Other tips to pass on to a professional tradesman who is hired to improve your home include leaving areas where pictures can be hung on the wall and investing in aesthetically-pleasing lighting.

Lighting can also have practical benefits, as fitting softer bulbs and shades will allow a more snug, casual and relaxed atmosphere to be created. Simpler PR recently told people that pastel colours are the perfect option for British homes and they will become highly fashionable in 2012.

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