Take home improvements inspiration from technology

In the modern day, Britons are blessed with the opportunity to seek inspiration and ideas for their upcoming home improvements through the latest technology.

That is the opinion of interiors journalist Ellie Tennant, who urged people to turn to solutions such as mobile phones to find out all about the latest trends and styles. She said the emergence of apps has had a profound impact on the sector, as it allows individuals to browse interior design looks and products at their own convenience. A particularly useful feature of mobile apps is the presence of videos, which often show users how to apply a certain product or fit a particular feature. Ms Tennant compared this to “having your dad in the living room showing you”.

“I think we’re lucky that we live in a digital age, because I’m not very good with 2D line drawings or those kinds of instructions. When somebody actually physically shows you how to do it on a video it’s so much easier,” she explained. People could therefore use apps and mobile information to form plans for their living room, kitchen or bedroom. These can then be passed on to a professional builder or decorator, who will carry out the work to the very highest standard.

And it is not only apps that are of great use. Mobile users can also take to their devices to visit websites, which boast even more information and instructions. Some technology even allows people to scan the packaging of something they have bought for instant guidelines on how to make the most of it. One trend that people could look to adopt with the help of a local tradesman is to turn their kitchen into an area that closely resembles a comfortable living room. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen recently backed this idea, suggesting kitchens have become much more than somewhere simply to cook.

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