Taking home improvement to a whole new level: RIBA

Every morning I walk past a street in London’s South Kensington neighbourhood and I’m amazed by all the buzzing home improvement activity. On one side of the street  “a conversion and project specialist” has set up camp, further down, a house facade is being spruced up. Another house has got a painting specialist visiting. The most interesting project however, is the house which has a sign that says RIBA.


RIBA is short for the Royal Institute of British Architects, and if you’ve got these guys visiting, you mean serious home improvement business. RIBA is the UK’s top notch architecture centre, and their registered members (chartered architects) take on heritage properties, one-off houses, farm buildings and cinemas – in short, every building under the sun. Apart from designs, the organisation also champions better buildings, communities and the environment and host talks, events and awards.

If you’ve ever attended the Open House Weekend in London (properties open to the public), you’ve probably stumbled upon a home that’s been created by a RIBA architect. In fact, the RIBA building on 66 Portland Place (right off Oxford Circus) is worth a visit in itself.

If you want to do something more than knock out a wall in your living room, chances are that RIBA’s architects can transform your whole house into an awe-inspiring space. The RIBA’s got experts in Victorian, Georgian and Medieval conservation too, so the organisation doesn’t limit itself to ultra-modern projects.

As a bonafide street spy I’ll be wondering what kinds of plans the house above has. Who knows, in a few months time you might be able to read about the unveiling of a brand new design home. Until then, if you need to find a recommended builder, traditional craftsman or loft conversion specialist for your home improvement projects, post your job details on Rated People and wait for a trusted tradesman to get in touch.

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