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Breast Cancer Campaign’s annual fundraising event is back! All over the country, we’ve been doing our bit to ‘wear it pink’ – dressing up in pyjamas and pink tops and donating £2 to the charity. Where fundraising and research is concerned, awareness is vital, so we’ve got in on the act, bringing you our pick of the best pink interiors. After all, charity begins at home. If you’d prefer to do something longer lasting, there’s nothing stopping you from showing ongoing support and fundraising in other ways – like re-creating your own pink room!

These properties might just inspire you to do things a little differently…

Coloured doors

The most obvious starting point is right outside your front door, to show off your pink credentials to your neighbours and passers- by. It might not be the top option depending on the style of the houses surrounding your home but if it suits your area, it’s an easy fix that won’t impact on your interior styling.

Image Source: Pinterest

If an outside door isn’t an option, internal doors will also benefit from a splash of paint. By dulling down the hue to a baby pink, the colour doesn’t impose too much within the space. Folding doors frame pretty in pink balcony seating perfectly.

Image Source: Pinterest

Being bold

For those wanting to jump head-first into pink, layering will stop the room from becoming garish. A bathroom with lighter walls can be livened up by a mid-tone bath and matching pink foliage to accessorise.

Image Source: Pinterest

In a living room, the hot pink lampshade makes the room pop and helps break up the polished Barbie shade on the floor and patterned blinds.

Image Source: Pinterest

Hallway decoration

Painted stair runners and banisters are another simple way to introduce colour in the home and solve the problem of a tired looking hallway. It’s easy to forget our hallways as we hardly spend any time in them. Don’t forget that it’s the first space that your visitors see when you open up your front door to invite them in – or even just talk on the doorstep.

Image Source: Simply Grove

Image Source: Oana Singa

Pink cabinets

My favourite part of this room is the use of pink to line the cabinets. The hue gives a gallery feel to the display which hints at the value of the objects on show, without appearing too pretentious. The objects are there to be looked at but they’re not the only items worth viewing.

Image Source: Style motivation


On the furnishings side, a pastel sofa lends the right air of feminine elegance but it’s definitely more of an investment piece which will set you back further. The pink lifts this cream, black and grey colour scheme to the height of chic.

Image Source: Pinterest

Quick fix

Of course, if you’re looking for a quick fix pink in honour of the Breast Cancer Campaign, you can always take inspiration from a non-permanent colour injection –  post-it notes creatively positioned on a bedroom or study wall!

Image Source: Pinterest

It may be simple but it’s still effective, don’t you think?

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