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Benefits of White Interior Design

White interior design’s main appeal lies in its purity. It’s fresh and modern and best of all, it’s loved for the tranquility that it brings to a room.

Critics tend to chastise it for being too pristine. After all, it’s impossible to miss dirt and spillages. At the same time though, this can actually be a good thing. You can always see when your rooms need cleaning, making it easy for you to maintain a hygienic home.

white interior design
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If you’re looking to open up a small space or maybe lighten its atmosphere, then it’s definitely worthwhile replicating the look. You can avoid creating a personality-free home by playing with textures. For instance, a textured carpet is a simple and effective way of getting the look right.

white interior
Image Source: Home Decor Buzz

Taking up a great deal of floor space, it will soften and bring in the cosy factor that we all desire. Experimenting with a contrasting colour here and there will also do the trick. Different colours will build different looks, with, for example, black appearing polished, sleek and timeless.

white decor
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If you would rather pave the way for a feminine, cute look, then working with a lighter colour will be the most effective.

white home decor
Image Source: style edition

Don’t be caught out in thinking that white interior design is limiting, or that every home will look the same. You only have to look at a Dulux paint chart to know that much like 50 shades of grey, there is no such thing as one shade of white! From Jasmine White, to White Chiffon, to Vanilla White… the list is endless.

white paint colours

Image Source: Dulux 

 The only limit here is your imagination!

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