The class of glass

For many residential property owners, adding a glass-box extension to flood a building with light has been on their “fantasy home improvements” list for some time, but according to one expert, the material is also increasingly common in both interior design and improving energy efficiency.

Writing in the Times, Katrina Burroughs said glass is a favourite with architects because it creates a sense of space in even confined homes.

Designer Carolyn Trevor told the newspaper that she incorporates glass in her own home because with five children in the house, it is “much more practical” than polished plaster walls.

Ms Burroughs noted that in many new projects, builders are using “high-tech” varieties of glass, such as Blink’s panels that go from clear to opaque at the flick of a switch.

According to the company, the glass can be used for dividing walls, doors and windows in the home, as well as acting as a display screen for TV and movies.

Other “smart products” to have arrived recently on the home improvement market include Eglas, glazed units with in-built heating components that help to prevent condensation and cut energy use.

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