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There are quite a lot of us who harbour a certain love for gadgets. Be it the iPad, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones or a mini finger drum kit. I’m not one of those people however. In fact, I’ve caved in keeping up with the latest technologies.

But gadgets I admit, can in some cases be incredibly useful. Both for homeowners and for tradesmen. The Gadget Corner will therefore be a recurring feature on this blog. We’ll dig out inventions, some of them pointless, some of them not, and post them one a weekly basis. We hope this will inspire you to discover techie things that are as useful as they are fun and nicely designed.

This week we’re highlighting Quirky, an American-based company specialising in inventing consumer products. Products that makes you go: “why didn’t I think of that”. Anyone can submit a good idea and have it manufactured, so if you’ve got something clever up your sleeve, this is the right entrepreneurial people to contact. Now, here’s what we found and liked on the Quirky webiste.

The Pivot Power is designed to hold all your adapters, thanks to its nifty and flexible design. It also goes around your furniture and can be easily stowed away. Unfortunately, the power strip is only available in North America, but we can see it becoming a huge hit when it makes it to our shores.

We continue with smart space savers, introducing the Plug Hub Desk Power. Who doesn’t have myriad of cables hanging down from their desk, tangled up like there’s no tomorrow? Problem solved with this discreet plug hub. Your electrician will salute you.

Tradesmen, look out for this. When you’re in your vans on the go, wouldn’t this save time fiddling around for all sorts of small possessions? The Travelstacks Cup Holder fits keys, Coke and pocket change. What more can you ask for? The only problem is, will it fit any car model?

So we’ve sorted you out with your weekly gadget fix. We can also sort out a local tradesman for you. Join Rated People and start submitting your job here.

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