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It’s not easy to be organised, to de-clutter and keep things in order. Gadgets that help keeping the mess at bay are therefore worth their weight in gold. For this week, we’ve taken a look at what tools can make your place look neat and sweet – it’s summer after all and we’d rather spend our time outside than tidying up inside.

We have plenty of praise for Torafu Architect’s Tapehook, a colourful hook to keep lightweight belongings in place. Great for misplaced keys, glasses or cables. How easy you can get rid of the adhesive tape is another story but as long as it doesn’t leave a grease mark like blue tack, it’s a bright idea. For now you can only buy the Tapehook in Japan, but surely someone will import it to the UK soon?

The bathroom is a typical clutter zone with bottles, cans, razors and loofahs filling up every possible space. The solution to this? The people at Wintercheck Factory has designed a utility shower curtain with built-in storage to avoid rusty racks and useless suction cups. Shampoo bottles, conditioner, shaving cream can be stacked in the self-draining pockets and voila, suddenly you don’t risk hurting your foot by stepping on a family member’s foot file.

I couldn’t stop myself from including this wise kitchen gadget, which is more probably more eye candy than functional if I’m honest. However, I’m a huge fan of cookbooks and have a whole collection of them. The problem is that I don’t store them in the kitchen, which means I have to run back and forth whenever I want to consult a domestic god/goddess. Enter The Kitchen Bull, a combination knife block, cheese board and book shelf. Designed by Australian architect Toro Legno, this way of bringing cookbooks into the kitchen must surely inspire more confident cooking and more order too.

The Kitchen Bull

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