The gadget zone: gardening tools

Charlotte and I are not exactly plant experts (although Charlotte is a champion of urban gardening), but we do like green lawns and herbaceous borders. Although autumn is sneaking upon us, we’ve been told that (by word of Toby Buckland) you can grow something every month of the year. So there are no excuses to put the trowel down. Get your garden gadgets up to date and dig it.

1. The speed weeder gardening tool is a great way to get those annoying weeds out of the way without harming the plant. It’s easy to use and has a grip that’s comfortable to hold. Perfect for pot plants on the balcony or paving stones, it gets the weed out with the roots. Bye bye!

2. Save your back while gardening. Not a bad idea, right? What’s bad on the other hand, is the name., “The Thingy“. However, it’s not exactly easy to describe a tool that you fit to a spade or shovel, and which reduces bending your back with 25%. But that’s how it works, “The Thingy”.

3. Well-kept lawns are great to look at, but less interesting to maintain. Enter the Robomower, which can cut grass by itself, and you don’t have to lift a finger. It even mows when you’re not at home. Set the mower to a timer and it will leave its docking station whenever the clock hits the spot.

4. This gadget is next on my shopping list, as I’m always unsure when to water my plants. The Thirsty Light will solve all those problems. Stick the gadget in the soil and if the conditions are dry enough water your thirsty plant, an LED light will go off.

5. If you’re like me and like to grow herbs in your kitchen (or on your balcony), I’ve find the ultimate gadget for you. The Power Plant Growing Machine uses NASA-technology that allows herbs, fruit and flowers to grow without soil. Inside the device, microjets are spraying the roots with super-oxygenated nutrients, which means your basil plant will grow in no time.

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