The Gadget Zone: maxi gadgets

My fascination for mini gadgets is nothing like my obsession with maxi gadgets. There’s something intriguing about the super-size world, just look at Gandalf, Kobe Bryant and Chewbacca! Maxi gadgets can take up an awful lot of space, and might not be as indispensable as the mini ones, which is why I might have had some difficulties finding the real gems. However, lo and behold what I found.

1. A giant cupcake mould must be included in this list. Innovative moulds are very trendy at the moment, and cupcakes don’t seem to decrease in popularity any time soon either, so start baking big now.

2. The C Seed world’s largest outdoor TV makes other TVs look like they belong in Lilliput land. The 201 inch LED screen folds and retreats below ground. Great if you have a massive garden and also great if you have some extra pounds to spend…

3. Behold the biggest remote controlled car on the market. Nearly the same size as a regular car, other details you might want to know is that it has a 7 minute battery life and can reach a speed of up to 18 mph.

4. A smartphone must surely be the biggest gadget of them all: with email, diaries, cameras and apps for everything they’re taking over the world. Even wallets. The Google Wallet can store credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards and you pay for items by touching a NFC reader in store with your mobile.

5. Ah yes. A giant, plastic hand that looks like you’re part of the Transformers’ crew.  Shame it won’t work as an oven mitt. But it does work splendidly for back scratching.

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