The gadget zone’s BBQ special: get the grilling going

We’re massively cheering on everything outdoorsy this week. Heating up the barbecue is definitely a great way of enjoying warm summer evenings and spending time with friends and family.

My manager kindly dropped a Jamie Oliver’s summer BBQ booklet on my table yesterday since “I like cooking”. Inspired by barbecue chicken thighs, chilli burgers and grilled köfte, I thought I’d dig out the best outdoor cooking gadgets around.

A potato grill rack is a great way of giving the old baked potato a facelift. The metal conducts heat efficiently inside the potatoes and they will be grilled in no time. Brush the spuds with olive, salt and some Mediterranean herbs and you’ve got a good side dish. This Steven Raichlen-design is only around £15.

The Grillslinger Sport is all you need to become the barbecue master of the season. It’s a versatile tool belt, complete with speed tongs, pro-flipper spatula and insulated beverage cooler. You’ll look just like the Rated People tradesmen, but instead of building extensions you’ll be flipping burgers. The Grillslinger comes in at £30.

The grilling process is good fun, but no one likes the cleaning up after bit. Rightly so, grease and burnt food are tough to get rid of. Hopefully, the Grill Daddy can sort that out for you. Fill the handle with water and watch the Grill Daddy clean with steam. Pop in the dishwasher when you’ve done and your grill grates will be ready for another round.


Flexible grilling skewers, what do you say about that? We say, what a great excuse to play with food! Make grilled tiger prawn necklaces and courgette bracelets. Jokes aside, this is a flexible tool that makes it easier to fit things around a busy barbecue, and additionally you can marinate the food straight on the skewers: coil, fold and and then pop them on the grill.


The Maverick Laser Surface Thermometer is a bit Sci-Fi isn’t it? And who doesn’t want to be a BBQ version of Luke Skywalker? The thermometer is perfect if you don’t have a barbecue that displays the optimal surface temperature. Meat can be cooked perfectly (as long as you have an additional thermometer) and guests don’t have to be afraid of contracting salmonella. A win for every party.


The Bruce gets a special mention although we’re not sure what it costs or in fact if it’s been manufactured. We agree it’s a brilliant idea however, as balconies, as good as they are, are not complete without a barbecue. Let’s hope

Henrick Drecker Design will bring the balcony barbecue grill to the masses. We’ll be buying sausages in bulk for the summer season.

If you need to spruce up your outdoor space for all those fantastic barbecue parties, get in touch with a tradesman on Rated People.



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