The garden could be the answer to ‘being greener’

A journalist has revealed a number of tips to make a home more energy efficient.

Jill Kelly of has suggested hiring a green-fingered gardener to plant trees around the home can make it greener in more ways than one.

Trees provide oxygen and shade during the summer, she said, while another advantage of introducing lots of trees and shrubs close to the home is that they act as “windbreaks to help reduce heating costs”.

Measures such as this, combined with effective insulation can help save the planet and cut energy bills.

Meanwhile, Carrie Pailthorpe, a horticulture expert at leading organic growing charity Garden Organic, has claimed homeowners could use their garden to save even more money by growing their own produce there.

“As fruit and vegetable prices soar, growing your own will increasingly become the answer,” she said.

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