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The Holiday style: country vs city

Confession time. It’s six years down the line and I’m still secretly obsessed with The Holiday. You may have seen it. Starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law, the film revolves around the two women’s love lives and a housing swap. The four actors were the obvious big name draws. Yet, there were two less obvious audience pleasers…

What were they?

Why, Winslet and Diaz’s two properties themselves!

Image Source: Melmore Street Studio

Image Source: Angel and Blume

Fans of the film will know that Winslet resides in a little rural cottage in Surrey while Diaz lives in a luxurious LA home. As for what property’s best? Errrm… let’s take a look!

Country style

The country style is all about taking inspiration from rustic British, Italian, French and American homes and lifestyles. Warm and relaxing atmospheres are created through combining stripy and checked patterns with wood and muted colours.

A wooden coat rack together with checkered plates seal the look. Winslet displayed hers on kitchen shelving but there’s nothing stopping you from hanging them on walls – French style. And maybe stretch to some ceiling-hanging saucepans too.

Image Source: Between Naps on the Porch

Where country really excels is in achieving the right balance between comfort and style. Winslet’s table lantern may look pretty but it lets out a lot of light. When it comes to seating, you couldn’t ask for cosier armchairs.

You’ll need to mix a minimum of three colours to achieve the classic look. Cream, red and light green are popular choices. Cream is softer than white and adds a fresh, clean feel while red adds warmth. Light green is perfect as it adds a touch of nature to your look. There’s no limit on the number of colours and a rug is an ideal way of marrying the colours together.

LA style

City chic couldn’t be more different from country charm. Diaz’s LA home is wonderfully extravagant. It’s the home that’s just out of reach. If the price ends in at least three ‘0’s’, chances are it’s been snapped up!

This look is all about drama. A chandelier makes a bold statement while managing to look classy. Unwind in a stark white bathtub (complete with air massager of course, darling), before curling up on a plump daybed. The more cushions there are the better. And that goes for the rest of the home too. A hardworking city girl like Diaz needs her pamper time.

Image Source: Angel and Blume

As for the little touches? A canvas print will be adored. The Holiday features a lot of modern art like the female portrait in the hall. It goes to stand that Diaz would love a strong female portrait like that of Audrey Hepburn. Iconic and inspirational – check. Adding the female touch is easy enough – a tall plant is ideal and is enough of a nod to the outdoor LA lifestyle.

The colour palette is simple too. The natural the better with lots of white, cream and pale grey to lighten the darker pieces of furniture.

It’s sophisticated and it’s oh so modern.

Now, can we pick both?!

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