Colour ‘will be the key to decorating in 2012’

A new year means a new start for many of us and that can include not only your look, clothes and accessories but also your home and its interior.

We are all rightly proud of where we live, so turning an abode into a trendy and contemporary setting fit for 2012 is a great idea at this time of the year.

Alan Hughes, faculty director in architectural interior design at, has revealed what he believes will be the must-have looks of the coming months.

He immediately pinpointed the “strategic use of colour”, suggesting it is sure to be a “cornerstone” of the coming year in interior design.

So when it comes to hiring a painter or decorator to give your home a makeover, it might be worth recalling his expert words of advice.

“You need to like a colour immediately and instinctively, but it also needs to hold its appeal over time – remember to ask yourself, will you still love it tomorrow and every day from then on?” Mr Hughes stated.

There is never any rush to decorate. Your walls will still be there the next day, the next week and the next month so do not make any hasty decisions you might later regret.

Instead, spend your time browsing design magazines and home publications searching for inspiration.

“When you’ve chosen a colour, you can then examine specific hues and start to look at lighting that might bring out lighter tints or darker shades,” the expert continued.

Before instructing a tradesman on how he can revitalise your address, you need to have it all mapped out in your head, with everything from the main colour to the sub-dominant tone and accent shade to decide on.

Adrienne Chinn, director of, recently said one style that is making a big comeback in 2012 and should be adopted by homeowners is art deco.

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