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Trend: White Interior Design

Interior design trends are certainly cyclical, with some even starting to become fashionable again barely months from being written off as passé. White interior design is one such trend and the white kitchen is one trend in particular that has been talked up and then written off. But it seems to be having its day once again.

Other rooms get a look in too, so we look at the pros and cons of going all white in various rooms around your home, as well as some practical advice on how to make white interior design work.

White interior design tips


Nothing says clean like sparking white surfaces, so it’s no surprise that white is the colour that keeps coming back in kitchen design. Most kitchen fitters and designers already offer cupboards, worktops and other elements in white, so it can also be a reasonably-priced option.

white interior design

White certainly works well with the appliances in your home, especially if you have a washer, dryer and dishwasher in white in your kitchen. Think twice about going entirely white, though. Dark woods look great as a colour contrast, with kitchen islands and worktops providing a focal point amidst the brilliance. Think about how easy it will be to clean surfaces, especially around the hob. Turmeric and tomato splashes can cause havoc with surfaces that absorb stains. Keep plenty of bleach-based cleaning spray close to hand.

white decor

Living Room

White walls can provide a great gallery feel to a living room, which is ideal for art lovers or anyone who has a lot of items they wish to display. It works whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, with large expanses of white wall looking as good as small parts of white wall around paintings or photographs.

It’s hard to have an entirely white room, especially if you have children. So think more about contrasting shades of white with greys or light blues when it comes to your choice of sofa or chairs. Natural tones can also work well. But do be aware that the more white you have on show, the more time you will spend removing finger marks from the walls.

Dining Room

White dining rooms work really well and give you that restaurant feel. The beauty of it is that large expanses of white will work well in such a space, just so long as your guests are not the sort who throw soup at the walls. Crisp white linen can be used to cover tables and you can even use chair covers if you have wooden seating and want to go all white.

The white walls will reflect candles or lamp light very well, meaning that you can serve dinner in low light knowing that no one will struggle trying to find their fork.


white bedroom

An all-white bedroom can be luxurious, especially if you mix up the hotel-crisp bedding with some throws and cushions for texture. You’re probably best off avoiding a white carpet, but white-painted floorboards can be very effective if that’s an option in your room.

Be prepared to iron your sheets if you really want to get this look down and be sure to change them regularly, washing them on hot to keep them whiter than white. Again, dark wood can provide contrast with white walls and fittings, so a huge mahogany wardrobe or similar will be well worth the cost.


Cleanliness always tends to lean towards the white, so bathrooms share the kitchen default of pure white in terms of what goes in them. Most baths, basins and toilets come in white, so you might already be half way to having a white bathroom. But white lozenge-shaped tiles, cupboards, seating and towels will give a great cohesive look. Most of these items are easily available.

A vented blanket box to store towels and other items in gives a spa feel and making sure that you have lots of storage will ensure that you won’t get too many splashes of clashing colour from shampoos, sponges or bubble bath bottles. Alternatively, buy matching bottles for all your bathroom products and decant your products into them, providing a unified collection that adds pops of colour to the room.

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