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The mini-town where the builders are minors

Outside, the news might be about recession and unemployment but in Tokyo’s KidZania, there is no shortage of work for enthusiastic builders looking to try their hand at home improvements.

The mini-suburbs of this theme park for children aged two to 14 have been attracting around 950,000 a people a year since it opened in October 2006 with the promise of a five or six-hour shift at a job of their choice, the Guardian reports.

After paying their admission, the park’s young workforce can pick from over 50 occupations, including construction worker and engineer.

They put in 30-minute stints in each career – with uniform and on-the-job training provided – in a world where buildings and vehicles have been scaled down to two-thirds their original size.

At the end of a hard day, they take home a well-earned pay packet of Kidzos, which can be spent in any KidZania park or even saved at its official bank.

KidZania was originally launched in 1999 as an educational role-playing project in Mexico City. The chance to become a builder, paperboy or even airline pilot proved so popular with children that five others have since opened in Mexico, Japan and Portugal.


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