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The Essential Moving House Checklist

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things you can do, but with good organisation and planning you can minimise the stress and ensure that your moving day goes smoothly. Here, our friends over at online property valuation service offer their expert guidance and moving house checklist:

moving house checklist

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The essential moving house checklist

6-8 weeks to go

  • Start gathering quotes from removal firms. You should get at least three and remember that these people will be transporting some of your most precious items so don’t just go for the cheapest quote. Ask around friends and family for recommendations of good firms or visit the British Association of Removers to view their list of members
  • If you are renting your current property as a tenant and haven’t yet given notice to your landlord make sure you let them know when you intend on moving out
  • Start sorting out your possessions into those you are definitely keeping and those you no longer need. For those items you aren’t keeping decide which items can be taken to a charity shop, sold at a car boot/eBay or given to a good home

4-6 weeks to go

  • Start collecting packing materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap etc.
  • Gradually try and use the food that’s left in your freezer to avoid having to throw out a lot of wasted food when you move out
  • Book time off work if necessary, even if you move in at a weekend it is a good idea to book a couple of days either side to make sure you’ve got plenty of time to settle in
  • If you have children and/or pets it is worth arranging for a friend or family member to look after them during the actual moving period, as it can be quite boring for children and it will mean that you can concentrate on moving in without distractions

2-4 weeks to go

  • Start packing! It will take longer than you think so make a start early on and pack as you go along
  • Notify all of the key companies and services that you are moving; this includes your insurance companies, utilities providers, council tax, employer and schools
  • Redirect your post. The Post Office can do this for you but will need at least 10 days to do so
  • Have your car(s) serviced, especially if you are moving long distance

1 week to go

  • Cancel milk, newspapers etc. and pay any outstanding bills
  • Start dismantling any flat pack furniture that you are taking with you
  • Confirm your arrival time with your removal company
  • Do any last minute laundry
  • Label any spare keys to leave for the new owners
  • Make up a box of essentials for when you get there. Toilet rolls, light bulbs, scissors, mini tool kit, pen & paper and of course the kettle for a cup of tea, are all good ideas
  • Arrange a time to collect your new house keys

Night before

  • Charge your mobile phones
  • Pack an overnight bag with all of your personal essential items in
  • Make a list of all of your key contact details, i.e. Solicitors, Estate agents

Moving Day

  • Check the house thoroughly before you leave
  • Leave any information which may be useful to the new occupier
  • Check the removal van thoroughly when it’s been emptied to check that there isn’t anything left in it

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  1. Very useful tips. Fill empty gaps. Use old newspapers, packing papers, or just old rags to fill gaps in the boxes. This should secure the items for the ride.

  2. These tips will surely help a lot. So far, this is the best post about moving house checklist. Very detailed and you will have the idea on when and how to do every stage of it.

  3. I appreciate your content and actually I am moving to my new house I have looking for checklist. So, I got solution for it. Thanks for sharing your helpful content.

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