Choosing the right builder could be key to self-build success

Building your own home might be an attractive option in the current market. With mortgage availability restricted for many people, taking out a loan to develop and construct a building from scratch could be the best choice you can make.

Urban design and planning consultant Julie Morgan has spoken on the subject of self-building, admitting it can be a daunting prospect at first. She suggested an architect must be your first port of call, as they can “deal with everything” in terms of the design of a home. But soon after, you will need to hire a professional builder you can be sure will do a great job.

“How do you recruit builders, how do you find the right builders and what are the right questions to ask when you’re thinking of appointing a consultant or a builder?” Ms Morgan asked. The answer to her question might lie at, where expert tradesmen such as builders are reviewed and recommended by your fellow homeowners.

Once you have a team of professionals in place, you can get on with enjoying the benefits of self-building. For instance, you may find it to be a significantly cheaper process than buying a property in the traditional manner. Including various special features and items that you know to be of tremendous value might also make it easier to sell the home on in the future.

Ms Morgan was speaking at Grand Designs Live, which took place at the ExCeL London centre earlier this month. It may have given those of you who attended some inspiration for future home improvements.

She went on to suggest that one great reason for using builders is to gain access to a larger living space, which can be useful when you are extending your family. Whether you are planning for a new baby or simply allowing an elderly relative to live with you, having a larger home can be invaluable.

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