The snagging list

The snagging list, or leftover list, is something to hold on to when your tradesman is wrapping up your home improvement project. This list should include defects and unfinished jobs that you’ve discovered as you’ve inspected your home. It’s not until the snagging list is signed off that you should pay your tradesman.

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My boyfriend is currently working on this as we speak, going around inspecting the house and jotting down what he thinks should be finished before he gives his builder the final payment. Obviously, you need to be reasonable with this list. Paint on light switches is one thing, blaming your decorator for wallpaper you’re not happy with, is another. However, if the wallpaper has been scratched for some reason, then it needs to be rectified.

It’s difficult to be objective in your own home, so it’s a good idea to have another person walk around with you. If there are two of  you scrutinising the property, chances are that one will spot something that the other won’t. Go through each room and write down snags, focusing on functionality and aesthetic purposes.

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I would say that you should devote a day, or even a weekend depending how big your property/renovation is, to complete the list. After you’ve noted everything down, you should end the snag-athon since there’s no point adding things you didn’t spot in the first place. I’m just waiting for my boyfriend to walk around with a magnifying glass on Sunday…

A snagging list can include:

–  Bathroom door doesn’t close properly

–  Grout is cracking

–  Light switch doesn’t work

– Worktop has been scratched

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