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The true cost of moving house without professionals

An independent survey of the British public has revealed just how stressful it is to move house without professional help. It may save a few quid but there are many people who believe the hassle and the physical exertion just aren’t worth it.

Here’s what was found:


Of the people who have moved house in the past 5 years and used professional movers, 70% don’t think they could have done it on their own. Our copywriter John definitely agrees – his first big move was stressful enough even with help from the pros, so check out his survival tips for moving home.

From those who chose to hire a removals specialist, over 53% stated that it was worth the expense as it made the entire experience easier. 43% also stated that the best thing was having someone else to do the heavy lifting. Think about budgeting for the move as far in advance as possible, so it’s something you’re planning and saving for.

The worst thing about moving without a professional, according to the survey, was the time it took, with 44% underestimating just how big a job it is. 20% totally underestimated how much stuff they had, while 11% didn’t have enough boxes or bubble wrap to get the job done.

The best thing about hiring a professional mover? Having someone to do the heavy lifting. 1 in 10 people suffered an injury while moving house without a professional, and the last thing you want is to be immobile during such a big task – or worse, struggle through it and exacerbate the injury.

For anyone renting, our survey showed one thing they found invaluable – end of tenancy cleaning. 90% thought it was worth it and 65% said it saved them losing money on their deposits.

So what do you think? Would you use a professional mover? If so you can now post a job on Rated People to find a quality local company near you.

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  1. Valuable info. Thanks, whether you’re moving out of a room in a shared house and don’t feel that you have enough possessions to warrant using a professional removal company; are just trying to save money where you can, so that you can spend it on doing up your home later; or, just don’t like the idea of total strangers handling your things, it’s perfectly possible to move home without expert help.

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