The ultimate Apple accessory: the iTree

For those who have everything or are just gadget mad, this should be at the top of your Christmas list.

Each iTree is different and custom made, you can choose the technology included, the type of wood, you can even pick the exact tree you want from the Australian rainforest. Each tree is carefully hollowed and designed to give the best sound quality possible from a large stick.

You really can have any tree you want because any tree is iPhone/iPod compatible, when customised by KMKG. Currently the iTree is  available in cheery, poplar and spruce with a width range of ~200 up to 400 cm and a diameter starting at 35 cm.

KMKG believe that good design is based on experience, and has as little design as possible, the iTree takes technology back to nature. We love it.

If you already have your iTree on pre-order but need an electrician to get your electrics up to scratch before you can fit it, post your job for free on We will put you in contact with up to 3 electricians, then you can review their ratings and select the right one for you. Once they have your new iTree fully fitted don’t forget to rate them.

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